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Frequently asked questions

In a sentence, can you please explain why I should hire GLOBAL (BD) IT SOLUTION?

We give you the technological platform to fully realize your company’s vision.

If you wouldn’t mind a second sentence…

GLOBAL (BD) IT SOLUTION gives your company a HUGE leading edge advantage over your competition – by letting you focus on building your brand and giving your customers or clients the experience they deserve…

…while you leave the rest to us.

What industries do you specialize in?
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Educational institutions
  • Legal Services
  • Investment Banking
  • E-Commerce
  • Postal Services
  • Non-Profit
  • Publishing
  • State & Local Government
  • Advertising, Branding & Marketing
  • Medical
  • And so much more!
Can you provide the summary of the experience and skills of each of your application development resources?

We are bound by the confidentiality agreement, and will be unable to share these details. A large number of full-time developers are a part of our pool, working on different in-house and client projects. At different times, the available resources are different and unique. You can be assured that only the best quality, trained and experienced resources will work on your project and meet your requirements.

We already work with an IT Company. How do we transition over to GLOBAL (BD) IT SOLUTION?

The first thing we do is come in and make sure everything you need for running your own network is in place. We have to ascertain that you have access to every aspect of your network infrastructure. We can’t communicate enough how important it is that you’re in possession of everything you absolutely require to have full autonomy over your Business IT.

If that’s not already the case, we’ll consult with you to get everything your current IT Company is controlling, so you can take the next step with us – without worrying about having your objectives sabotaged.

How do you handle change requests from your customers?

We have a standard procedure of handling change requests from our customers. Firstly, we seek their approval for any change request. After the customer approves the request, we do an impact analysis. This allows us to deliver the timelines and cost estimates to the customer. Once the customer approves the estimates, we implement the changes.

Do you guarantee the security and confidentiality of our intellectual property?

This clause is covered in the IP contract, and NDA is also signed between GLOBAL (BD) IT SOLUTION and the customer specifying the same. The same clause is also covered in the contract signed between GLOBAL (BD) IT SOLUTION and its employees. In addition, we audit our processes and train employees on a regular basis. These efforts ensure that our customers’ intellectual property is always secure.

I’m really excited about what GLOBAL (BD) IT SOLUTION can do for my company. What is the best way to move forward with you?

The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is write down what you’re aware of needing – in the short and long term – for your Company IT… if possible. Whether you’re an upstart company looking for a totally new IT Network Infrastructure or you’re already receiving services from another one of our competitors, the more specificity you bring to the table, the better.


If you’re NOT clear about what will benefit your company the most, contact us and we’ll sort you out by collaborating, with you, to determine the best, most cost effective course of action.


If you’ve been running your own Business IT, up until now, and have been experiencing way too much downtime, we can come in and tend to the circumstances that will get you consistently online, right now, and work with you to blueprint your long-term goals.

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